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The Admissions Process

Attending treatment is a new experience for most people.  Below, we’ve outlined the admissions process from top to bottom so you’ll know exactly what to expect along your journey to treatment!

Want a team member to walk you through it instead? Call one of our Admissions Navigators.

A Step by Step Guide to Admissions

Initial Assessment

We’ll ask you some questions and you’ll tell us your story. This will help our team determine your recommended treatment plan.

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Insurance Coverage

Our team will check your insurance while you go through the initial assessment to see if you are covered.

Treatment Overview

After steps 1 & 2, your Admissions Navigator will outline your recommended treatment plan for you to review.

Begin Treatment

Once you review and approve your plan, Your Navigator will either schedule your first telehealth or admission to one of our facilities!

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Insurance Coverage

The most common question people have before starting treatment is, “how much will it cost?” Most often, treatment is covered by insurance and in some cases requires no out-of-pocket costs for the patient.

Curious About Our Navigators?

A Navigator’s job is to speak with people just like you. They’ll listen to your story and support you along the way to beginning treatment.

Want more information? We understand and have plenty for you.

Addiction Treatment Admissions

Ready to Speak to Someone?

American Addiction Centers Operates a 24/7 helpline for people seeking treatment. It’s free, confidential, and easy. Just give us a call!