Getting to Know Your Admissions Navigators

We believe it is important for our callers to have all the information they need to feel comfortable picking up the phone and taking their first step to sobriety. A big piece of that is going to be knowing just exactly who you are calling.

That’s why we interviewed some our team members for you. Listed below are three Admissions Navigators who could take your phone call.

telehealth admissions team meeting
telehealth admissions team member zack

Zack Komer

When asked why he chose to become an Admissions Navigator, Zach opened up and said, “The mission we are carrying out means a lot to not just me, but my family as well. Close to five years ago, my family called in and spoke to a navigator just like me looking for help. Our conversation with an Admissions Navigator changed not just my life, but my entire family’s life as well.” He finished by saying, “I am proud to be a navigator and I love what I do.”

Maritza Forry

Maritza is a proud member of the American Addiction Centers admissions team. When Maritza was asked why she is a navigator, her response was simple: She told us she loved helping others. Maritza has been an Admissions Navigator for almost two years now and loves what she does.

telelhealth admissions team member martiza
telehealth admissions team member willy

Willy Peralta

Willy has been with American Addiction Centers as an Admissions Navigator for 8 years.
When asked why he is an Admissions Navigator, Willy said, “My family has felt the negative effects of addiction and I truly understand how this disease (addiction) can tear families apart. I am a navigator because I enjoy helping people get healthy and seeing families reconcile in sobriety.”
Willy has helped countless thousands in his time at American Addiction Centers and plans to continue that mission.

Are You Ready to Speak to Our Team?

Our team understands the struggles of addiction. In most cases, by first-hand experience. Take the next step in your journey to sobriety and give us a call. We’re available 24/7.